Expectations of Students

These are some basic expectations of what will be required of students who attend Samuel Project School of Ministry. 

  • Students will be expected first and foremost to deepen their relationship with Jesus. They will be able to do this through times of, personal prayer, corporate prayer and Bible study. Out of the overflow of their relationship with God will come the capacity to grow as ministers of the gospel.


  • Students must be willing to be stretched and placed in situations that may be out of they’re comfort zone. These situations are used to bring about growth that would otherwise not happen. Although being uncomfortable is something we often run from, God is able to use it to transform us into who He’s called us to be.


  • Students are expected to follow the Biblical standards found in the Word of God, which are reinstated in the rules of the school.


  • Students will be expected to be a part of various ministries.


  • Students will be expected to accomplish the school assignments that are asked of them.