Joseph and Lydia both grew up in a Christian family serving in Ministry but in two different parts of the world.

Lydia comes from France and Joseph has Polynesian roots. They truly understand the importance of a Christian education starting at a young age and this is why children and youth are a priority for them. They want to see children praying, reading their Bible, accepting God’s love, receiving Christ, and experiencing God in their life!

Joseph has played a vital role in worship for years and has experience in leadership in the youth department. He has a heart for serving and assisting others, which is the reason why he also works as a 911 dispatcher supporting those who need help. Currently, he is enjoying being part of the Kids Ministry.

Lydia is a 6th-grade French teacher. She has a Master’s degree in Education and has taught several grade levels from kindergarten to 6th grade. Her deepest desire is to be used for God’s work, she has served in many areas until now but her real passion is for the little children.

Joseph and Lydia got married in 2015 in Salt Lake Christian Center and have 2 boys, Jeremiah and Nathanaël who are full of energy! Family time is very important to them. They love going on adventures but also just spend time together playing or reading books and Bible stories. 

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