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What are the benefit of giving online?

•Remember to Give

One of the biggest reason is that it helps you remember to give. If you’re like me I forget my wallet all the time. 30% of churchgoers actually leave their wallets at home Sunday mornings, but they don’t forget to bring their cell phone.

•Consistent Giving

Another good reason for online giving is that it helps encourage consistent giving. If you decide at the beginning of the year that you want to commit to give a certain amount to the church, setting up a recurring transaction will help you do that.

•Dedication To God

Also, this consistent giving pushes us to be more dedicated to God in your finances than just giving whatever happens to be in our pockets when the plates are passed. Online giving can also save you time. The online giving form is extremely easy to fill out.

Is online giving secure? Is my information kept private?

Yes. All of the information that you enter into the online donation form is secured by SSL encryption. This means that all of the confidential data you enter is encrypted and then transmitted between your web browser and the payment-processing server.

What payment methods can I use to give online?

Bank Account Transfers, Debit and Credit Cards. We do NOT accept American Express.

How much does it cost for me to give online? Are there any hidden fees?

Other than your donation amount there are no additional fees or costs for you to give online. In other words, the amount you select to give will be the amount transferred from your bank account. And this amount will be recognized as your donation amount.

Can I set recurring/ongoing donations?

Yes. You can set a recurring schedule of Weekly, Every Two Weeks, or Monthly, and you can set an End Date for the transactions. You can also choose to make a One-Time donation.

Is my donation to Salt Lake Christian Center Tax-Deductible?

Salt Lake Christian Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation to Salt Lake Christian Center is tax-deductible.

How will I receive documentation that my gift is tax-deductible?

Every time a transaction occurs, you will receive an email that you can print off. Also you can access your account any time when you set one up.