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Navigating Uncertainty: Lessons from King Jehoshaphat

By January 12, 2024No Comments


Life often presents us with challenges that leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. In those moments when we don’t know what to do, seeking guidance from ancient wisdom can provide profound insights. In 2 Chronicles 20:1-22, we find a timeless story of King Jehoshaphat facing a formidable enemy alliance. His response to this crisis serves as a blueprint for navigating uncertainty in our own lives.

1. Seeking the Lord in Times of Trouble 

Jehoshaphat’s immediate response was to seek the Lord. Faced with the threat of battle, he proclaimed a fast, bringing the people of Judah together to seek help from God. This highlights the importance of turning to our spiritual foundation when confronted with challenges beyond our control.

2. Proclaiming God’s Sovereignty

In his prayer, Jehoshaphat acknowledged God’s supreme authority. He recognized that God is not only in heaven but also rules over all kingdoms of the nations. This proclamation reminds us to trust in a higher power that holds control over circumstances we may find insurmountable.

3. Remembering God’s Faithfulness 

Jehoshaphat reflected on God’s faithfulness in the past. Recounting the ways in which God had delivered His people from crises served as a source of strength and reassurance. In our moments of uncertainty, recalling our own experiences of God’s faithfulness can anchor us in hope.

4. Keeping Focus on God 

Admitting powerlessness, Jehoshaphat declared, “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” This acknowledgment of vulnerability coupled with unwavering focus on God is a powerful lesson. When faced with uncertainty, maintaining our gaze on a higher purpose can guide our steps.

5. Acknowledging the Battle is the Lord’s 

The message delivered by the Spirit of the Lord emphasized a crucial truth – the battle was not theirs but God’s. This revelation invites us to surrender our anxieties and uncertainties, trusting that there is a greater plan beyond our understanding.

6. Trusting in God’s Deliverance

The message concluded with a promise: “You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf.” Jehoshaphat and his people were encouraged to trust in God’s provision and deliverance. Similarly, we are reminded to have faith that our trials are not insurmountable for a higher power.


The story of Jehoshaphat’s response to crisis in 2 Chronicles 20 teaches us invaluable lessons about navigating uncertainty. Seeking the Lord, proclaiming His sovereignty, remembering His faithfulness, keeping our focus on Him, acknowledging that the battle is the Lord’s, and ultimately trusting in God’s deliverance – these principles offer a roadmap for finding strength and direction when we don’t know what to do. As we face the challenges of today, let us draw inspiration from this ancient wisdom and approach life’s uncertainties with faith and resilience.