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Jews and Christians

By November 18, 2023No Comments


As a Jew, there has never been a moment in my life where I doubted that someone out there—a bunch of someones—wanted me dead. It’s a given. A fundamental understanding of my identity. That the God of the universe chose to use us as a key role in His plan, goes hand in hand with His sworn enemy’s efforts to do everything to thwart that plan by taking us out of the equation.

That’s the picture in the spirit. In the natural, it looks much simpler. Every generation will have a force that will try to kill the Jews. And every generation will be given the opportunity to embrace or fight against that force.

Jewish history remembers well those who fought against her and alongside her. They also remember those who silently watched as the lives they knew were eradicated.

I don’t want Christians today to be remembered as being silent.

I want it to be told that Christians fought for our homes as if those homes were theirs.

And the reality is, if we don’t eradicate this evil here, it will only spread.

Being in Jerusalem, only a dozen or so rockets out of the thousands fired have reached us. Still, not a day passes that we don’t hear explosions in the distance and warplanes flying over our house.

No one is asking you to save the world. This war is too big for any one person to even digest. This is a massive clash of good and evil. There are civilians, hostages, terrorist networks, cultures, religions, families, international alliances…the list is unending.

What I’m asking is, “Will you do your part?” Whatever your abilities. Whatever your sphere of influence. Whatever your position among friends or believers in authority who don’t understand the severity of the hour. Speak up.

I will tell you what Mordechai told his niece when the test of her generation arrived at her palace doorstep—because this is your Esther moment:

Do not think because you are far away that this danger will not be able to reach you. And perhaps, this is why you are where you are at such a time as this.

God promised Israel will never be destroyed—but how much suffering the enemy can inflict will depend on whether or not she fights this war alone.

Israel Needs You. Israel Needs Me.
Kobi and Shani Ferguson